Who has visited you? Find out!


Help. How to use this?

It's really easy! Open your Xing dashboard and look at the small pictures of persons, who have visited your profile.

Right-click on one of them and copy the image-url of the thumbnail.

Then paste this url to XiVerse and click on the "Let's go" button. That's it!

How to use XiVerse

The concept!

About. Why do I need XiVerse?

Let me put it this way - you don't need it, but it can help you to find out who has visited your profile, if you don't own a Xing premium account.

Mainly I developed XiVerse to see if my idea can be implemented. So Consider XiVerse not as a finished product, but more as a feasibility study.

XiVerse is not in any way affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored by or part of Xing.com. XiVerse, instead, has been developed by Raffael Herrmann as a free product and feasibility study.

Contact. Want to give feedback?

You have something to say? You have a criticism, suggestions or ideas? Then feel free to write an email to me!


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